What a Week …

This week has been quite busy, packed with all sorts of events. On Tuesday night 8 of us from homegroup went to Cliveden gardens for an hour and a half tour and then dinner in the cafe. It was such a lovely evening, and was so nice to relax and enjoy the company of good friends.

On Wednesday we then had a homegroup BBQ at John and Terry’s place in Marlow. We each brought something and had a nice meal outside in the garden. Terry was impressed with my Pimms mix, so I think I may have her addicted to it now 😛 It was another lovely evening with lots of laughing and not a care in the world.

The biggest even for the week for me was my final assessment on Friday. Cynthia (from Reading University) came in and spent an hour looking through my portfolio, then watched my lesson, spoke to Steve and then to me. I got some really good feedback and she was more than happy to sign off on it all. So I am no officially a qualified teacher in the UK!! All that hard work has paid off. Cynthia could clearly see that I particularly enjoy the pastoral side of things and she thinks that with a little bit more experience I would make an excellent Head of Year, so that was encouraging. It’s such a relief to have that out of the way now and I also want to say a big thank you to everyone for all your support and for putting up with me over the past 8 weeks or so. After school a big group of us headed down to the local pub, and Adrian met us there too. We had a big jug of Pimms, so naturally there was lots of laughing and shenanigans going on. We decided to go up onto the deck to have some light food and then managed to convince Toby and Karen to stay for dinner. Having arrived straight after school, we didn’t leave until 9pm! I always enjoy spending time with Toby and it was nice to have a proper catch up with Karen.

This morning I went down to the hairdresser to get my colour fixed as I wasn’t quite happy with it. She’s put more red in it, but now I feel like it’s over the top – I can’t win. Hopefully it will wash out a bit, and it’s maybe not as bad as I think ….

I then caught the train into London to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, where I met 9 other ladies who went to Moreton Bay College (leading girls school in QLD for those of you who don’t know it). The age range was 23 (me) to 64, but we all had one thing in common – we were all ‘bay girls’. We had a great time reminiscing about the school – teachers, uniforms, traditions – and the old house rivalry was still strong. Clearly Wesley was the best house to be in, but the others weren’t convinced 🙂 We had a beautiful lunch in the Amphitheatre Restaurant and were then taken into the Theatre itself for a look around. Some of the stories the young man told us were incredible – some really good pieces of trivia. I headed home at about 4.30pm and spent the evening ringing around to see who was free, but with such beautiful weather everyone already had plans.

Adrian is in Oxford for the day for an IT conference thingy and was keen to stay for dinner so I’m at home watching the tennis and catching up on the blog. As you may have gathered, the weather has been glorious this week – sunny and high 20s. Today reached 28 and I believe tomorrow is going to get to 29! I’m having 4 of the ladies from school (1 who is at a different school now) for dinner on Monday night to say thanks for their support and to have a proper catch up now that my whole world doesn’t revolve around my portfolio. So I’m going to spend the day buying groceries and other bits and pieces, and then cooking the lamb and lentil cottage pie, so I can just reheat it in the oven on Monday night. Then I’m singing at church with Kate, which I haven’t done for ages, so I’m really looking forward to that – we’re even doing a song we used to do at church in Brisbane (Ancient of Days). On Tuesday, straight after school, Adrian and I are going to go to Wimbledon and get ground tickets. We’ll see what happens then, whether we can find someone leaving and get their ticket for the evening or buy the tickets that they have on resale. Even if we cant do that, we’ll see what’s happening on the outside courts or maybe watch the big match on Henman Hill. Either way, we’ll be part of the atmosphere which will be awesome! Then on Friday (at 4am!!!) I’m off on the Year 7 French trip to Normandy for 4 days, which I’m really excited about.

I think that’s everything. I’ll upload some photos from Cliveden and then get back to the tennis 🙂

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