Today 12 of us (all ladies of course) from school went to Ascot for the day. I went to the hairdresser at 8.15am to have my hair cut, coloured and then styled around my headband fascinator. Adrian picked me up when I was done and took me to La Fontana (in Twyford, near school) to meet some of the others for breakfast. The minibus then picked us up from there at midday and took us to Ascot. It was so surreal walking along the road to the main entrance, seeing all the ladies dressed up and the men in their tails – so English!!

I had a Pimms when we got there and then we went and found a nice spot on the grass. A few of the ladies went on a mission and came back with 6 chairs, so we all took it in turns sitting down throughout the day. When the Queen started her procession around the track I got very excited. I ended up asking a gentleman if I could stand on the bench with him. He wasn’t really a gentleman though, as he didn’t even offer to help me get up on it in my heels. Anyway I got a photo of the Queen and then got very excited when Martina Hingis was on the big screen.

We took it in turns to go and place our bets for each of the races before they started. There were 6 races and I bet on one horse for each of them, bar one. I mostly picked by their name, but also if they were an Aussie horse. I was very annoyed (and got laughed at) when Starspangledbanner won his race because he was an Australian horse with good odds but I refused to bet on him because of his American sounding name. The only horse I won money on was Australia Day!

Just as the second race was finishing I dashed back up to where they present the trophies. Petrina had found out for me that Martina Hingis was presenting that particular one, so off I went to take a photo and say I’d seen Martina (I knew Katharine would like that too). A few of us had a ‘mission’ for the day, for a laugh. Biggs wanted a photo in a man’s tophat, Jess wanted someone’s tie and I wanted a photo with a man in a kilt. As you’ll see by the photos, mission accomplished!

The minibus picked us up at about 6.30pm and took us back to where we started and Adrian picked me up from there and brought me home for toast and a relaxing evening. The weather wasn’t great today – the sun only came out every now and then and it was quite cold – but otherwise it was a fantastic day. We all looked lovely and it was fun to get all dressed up for the occasion. The photos are now up on the website as well so make sure you have a look.

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