Trevor’s Ballet

Yesterday afternoon Philippa picked us up and the three of us drove to Oxford. We found a nice cafe to have a drink and an early dinner, before going to Trevor’s ballet performance, which started at 6.30pm. There were 3 acts, with 2 intervals, and each part of the show was slightly different. Their teacher had done very well to cater to the different abilities within the group, making them work hard, but allowing them to show off what they could do. It was awesome to see Trevor doing something different and Philippa and I were very proud of him. Each time he came on we would hold our breath and then relax and clap very loudly when he’d finished. We each bought some raffle tickets and the second number they called out was one of Philippa’s. They had said there was a didgeridoo up for grabs so I made Philippa get that for us. It’s not real, but we (ok, me) thought it would be fun to have in the flat as our ‘token Aussie’ decoration. I imagine it will provide some entertainment when people try to play it as well … Before we arrived, we’d been to buy some flowers and I said I wanted to throw him a rose at the end when he was taking his bow. I did, and it landed right at his feet, but of course being the gentleman he is, he gave it straight to the lead lady. When he came out after the show I gave him another one (see photo) so he could keep it. We had a great night and when I realised I had no photos with Philippa, we took some silly ones, so I’ve uploaded them all.

Apart from that (and our shortened trip to Wales) I have been doing my usual half-term socialising. On Wednesday I had Wanda and Kate over for morning tea and we sat out in the garden to eat (I even baked!). Then after lunch Jess picked me up and we went shopping in Reading for a bolero and fascinator to go with my Ascot outfit. From there we went to Anne’s house for drinks and a bbq dinner with the ladies from school. Again, we sat out in the garden and it was lovely to catch up with everyone. Jess dropped me home and it was straight off to home group – busy day! Then on Thursday I went for lunch at Lorraine’s place with Lynne (both friends from school). Lorraine made us a wonderful lunch which we ate inside, before taking our drinks out into the garden (see the theme here). On Friday I went to Pauline’s house (another friend from school) and we drove to Aston where we walked along the river and then through the fields to Hambleden. We had lunch at the pub there and then waked home. I always enjoy my holidays catching up with friends and this week has been no different. Tomorrow it’s back to school for a busy 6 and a half weeks before the Summer holidays. There is lots happening, but I will keep you all updated 🙂

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