Summer is Upon Us

We realised it had been a while since we posted a blog, so here we go …

After Cheryl and Linda left, we got stuck into the usual routine of working during the week and socialising on the weekends. One weekend we drove to Canterbury to look at the Cathedral and surrounding areas, which was nice (photos are already up). We’ve caught up with friends, been to the movies and Adrian also went to the North of Sweden for work.

The most exciting thing we’ve done in the past couple of weeks was book our Summer holiday. We are going on a 12 day cruise in Russia, from Moscow to St Petersburg, aboard the MS Chernyshevsky. We’ve filled in all the forms for our Russian visa, so now we just have to sit back and wait for August to arrive.

The weather here has been glorious over the past few days. A group of us went to the pub after work to sit on the deck by the river. Toby came over for dinner, which we ate in the garden, and Adrian helped him out with his laptop. Then yesterday Adrian and I went for a drive to Bowood House for a picnic lunch by the lake. The grounds are full of large open areas, making it ideal for families. After our lunch we went for a nice walk around the lake and had a quick look at the house before driving home again.

This morning I got up and spent a few hours marking, and then after lunch we went for a walk from Boulter’s Lock along the river towards Cookham, and back. We parked outside Halina’s house (so we wouldn’t have to pay for the council parking) so we went in for a nice cold drink when we got back and had a chat to her and Eshwar for a while.

It’s been nice to have shorts and t-shirts on again, and to finally dust off my sunnies to use. This week we are both busy with work, meetings, etc but then on Friday afternoon we are heading off to Wales for the long weekend. We have several suggestions from people and our plan is to have a nice relaxing time, driving around the countryside and going for nice walks along the coast. We hope to pop in and see Karen and Scot at some point too. Then it’s half term break for me, so no doubt I’ll do a post about my social antics at the end of the week.

In the meantime, the sun is shining and the birds are singing – life is great 🙂

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