Holidays Part 2

Cheryl & Linda arrived back from their European tour on Saturday afternoon (not this one gone, the one before that), but Cheryl wasn’t well so we didn’t get up to much. On Monday Lynne (from school) came over in the morning and we talked here for a while before going to the Bird in Hand for lunch and some more talking 🙂 We decided at about 3pm that we should probably go home. Cheryl and Linda had been for a walk into town and back and had only just returned themselves when I got home, so we all sat on the bed in the spare room talking.

We pottered around on Tuesday and then I took them to the train station so they could get to London for their UK tour, which started on the Wednesday morning. On Wednesday I had lunch with Halina (from school) at the Blue River Cafe, which was nice. Unfortunately it wasn’t as sunny as it had been, so we didn’t sit outside. The food was great though, so I might take Adrian there one morning for brunch in the summer. Then on Friday Toby picked me up and we went to Jess’s place for lunch. We tried not to talk about work stuff, but it was inevitable. In the afternoon the 3 of us went to the George & Dragon near school to meet some of the other ladies who had been lunching there. The weather was glorious so we sat out on the deck for a few hours, talking and laughing (notice the recurring theme here). One of the ladies, Jacqui, who used to work at Piggott but before my time, had just come back from a trip to Australia for a wedding. The service was at a church on Creek Road (around the corner from where I grew up) and the reception was at Victoria Point (a favourite picnic spot). It turns out she was staying with friends in Camp Hill, about 2 or 3 blocks from my parents house!! Needless to say there was lots of shrieking ‘oh my god ….’ and ‘are you serious …..’ She even had a photo of the Brisbane river and city, with the building Dad works in right in the middle! They all thought I was mad, but I thought it was kewl that she had basically seen where I grew up AND she loves Brisbane – woohoo 🙂 The other exciting thing was that a group of ladies at school had all got tickets together for the races at Ascot in June. Jacqui can’t go, so I am going to buy her ticket off her and have a nice ladies day out.

On Saturday Adrian and I went into London and had lunch at a little cafe on a sidestreet off the Strand. We then went for a walk up through the markets to Covent Garden before meeting Hilary and Andy at the theatre to see Love Never Dies (sequel to Phantom of the Opera). The show was for Hilary’s birthday (in Feb) but these were the first available tickets we could get. The show was brilliant, we all absolutely loved it! The music was great, the story was great, the props were excellent, it was just overall a really good musical. After the show we went for a wander around Covent Garden and then had dinner at a little Italian cafe/restaurant, with the intention of having crepes for dessert. Unfortunately the crepe shop closed a lot earlier than we thought it would, so we called it quits and walked back down to the tube station together and then headed our separate ways.

On Sunday Adrian and I took advantage of the continuing good weather and ate our lunch outside in the garden. In the afternoon we picked Chelsea up from the station and brought her back to see our place. Chelsea’s Mum (Aunty Lynne) and my Mum were in the same mother’s group, all those years back. In fact, they were in the same group since my sister and her brother were born, so since 1983!! Chelsea moved over here in November but we have both been busy with work and travel so we only just got around to catching up. We sat inside for a while and then took our afternoon tea downstairs and sat in the garden in the sun.

I sang at church in the evening and then it was back to work today. We have about 7 members of staff stranded all over the world, but mostly in the US. One of which was our caretaker, which made this morning an interesting start to the new term. The missing staff didn’t seem to have too much of an impact (except for cover) but hopefully they will all be back next week.

Right (deep breath), that’s all our news, up to date. Hope you are all well xoxo

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