Outdoor Eating ….. Finally!

The weather has fined up and it is starting to act like Summer is on the way. So for lunch today, Adrian and I went to The Pineapple pub in Dorney and sat outside to eat! I think in all the time we have been here that this was the first time we’ve actually sat outside for a pub meal. We always talk about it (especially with Hilary and Andy) but it never seems to happen. Their menu is basically a huge range of sandwiches and their outdoor area is lovely, so it’s the perfect lunch pub. They also have a cute numbering system, where instead of just giving you a number, they give you a playing card, which they then call out once your order is ready and bring it over to you. So for example we had the 8 of hearts. I thought it was quite cute, as it was something a bit different.

Last Friday night Cheryl and Linda (Adrian’s Mum and Aunt) arrived from Australia. On Saturday we took them for a drive to see the area we live in. We showed them Eton, Windsor, my school, Henley, Hambledon (where we had lunch) and Marlow. Then in the afternoon we took them into London to see a few sights and check them into their hotel for the night. Their European tour left from the hotel early on Sunday morning and gets back this afternoon.

Adrian and I enjoyed having Sunday and Monday to relax and not really do anything. The only thing of note was going to dinner and the cinema to see The Blind Side, which was very good.

I then took my friend Rob (from work) to see Lucy (also from work) and her new baby Evan, on Tuesday. He is 2 months old and is absolutely gorgeous. We spent a couple of hours there and I got to have lots of cuddles, which was nice. Then in the evening I went out for dinner with Biggs and Amanda joined us for dessert. It’s always nice going out with Amanda and Biggs as we always do lots of talking and laughing.

On Wednesday I spent the day with Philippa. I got on the train here in Maidenhead and she hopped on at Slough (her and Trevor live in Windsor). We went into London to the Spitalfield markets, had a bit of a look around and then went to Oxford Street where we wandered around the shops. We just had lunch at the cafe in M&S which was quite nice and then in the afternoon we stopped again for a hot chocolate. Amazingly, we didn’t buy anything! But we still have a lovely day together.

I then spent all of Thursday and most of Friday marking and Toby and Dave came around on Friday night for dinner.

As I mentioned earlier, Cheryl and Linda get back this afternoon, so we are just waiting for them to come home before we start planning what to do for the next few days until their next tour. Today (10 April) is Mum and Dad’s anniversary and they have been married now for 28 years – not long till the pearls Mum!! 🙂

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