Change Your Clocks

Today the clocks have changed again, so it is currently 4.30pm on Sunday afternoon which makes it 1.30am on Monday morning (in Brisbane). This makes it difficult to ring during the week but we’ll have more time on the weekends. Much of a muchness really.

On Tuesday night I went out with some friends from work. One of the Yr 7 tutors is going on maternity leave so a group of us took her out to dinner. It ended up being 5 of us (no men) but we had a great night, laughing and joking. It was nice to let our hair down a bit, even if it was mid-week. Other than that it was just the usual week at work for both Adrian and I.

Yesterday afternoon I went down to the pool in Maidenhead to watch Oli (Hilary and Andy’s son) swim in the county championships. Hilary said he would be swimming at about 3, 5 and 7pm so I got there for about 2.45. I ended up watching 2 races and then Oli asked if I was staying for the evening session. I couldn’t resist his big grin, so Hilary and I went for a walk to Sainsbury’s to get some food and settle in for the long haul. We passed the time talking, reading magazines and mucking around on my phone. Oh, and eating of course! Oli made it into the B final for his 50m Freestyle so we stayed to watch that and then the presentations (because he won!!). Hilary and Andy gave me a lift home at about 9.30!! In a strange way, I actually enjoyed myself. It was kind of like watching my little brother swimming and was very exciting when he won. It was also a nice chance to spend some time with Hilary and Andy too.

This morning, after talking to Fran on the phone, we headed off for a drive to Skirmett, near Marlow, and found a cute little pub called The Frog for lunch. We had a lovely lunch and dessert, went for a quick walk and then came home. We stopped a few times on the way home to take photos of quaint little pubs to add to our collection.

After a late lunch, we are basically skipping dinner and will head to church soon. I finish school at 1pm on Wednesday for the holidays and Cheryl and Lynda arrive on Friday night so it’s going to be a great week.

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