Classical Spectacular

Adrian and I have had a very classical weekend. On Saturday Toby and Dave came round and had lunch with us. We had tacos thinking they would be easy, but we forgot about all the preparation that goes into it. Anyway we ate, packed up quickly (while I finished my make-up) and walked to the train station. We caught the train into London and walked to the Royal Albert Hall where we were seeing Classical Spectacular. We paid a bit extra to get good seats and they were really good seats. We were on the first balcony in a little box section with 12 seats. We had the 4 in the front row, 2 on each side of the aisle. Along with the fantastic music was a laser and light show, timed to the music. There were several ‘English’ songs that everyone was singing along to and lots of people had Union Jack flags they were waving. It was definitely one of the most English experiences we’ve had. Overall the performance was amazing and we are very glad we got the chance to see something in such a beautiful theatre/hall. We got the train back to our place and then went to Novellos (on the A4) for dinner. It was a lovely day with lots of laughing and joking 🙂 There are a few photos up, but they were taken on my iPhone so they’re not the best quality.

Then on Sunday evening, after spending a couple of hours cleaning in the morning, we went to Hilary and Andy’s place, where we met Hilary’s parents (and thought it was gorgeous how much Hilary looks like her Mum). We then went in 2 cars (Hilary with us) to Wellington College where Hilary was singing as part of a Choral Society who were performing Karl Jenkins’ Requiem. We got front row seats, but unfortunately we still couldn’t see Hilary because the girls in front of her were too tall (and had too much hair)! I sat next to Oliver, which was just like having a little brother. At one point he got the giggles and it took all my energy to not do the same. It was nice to see Hilary in a different light, and she should be proud of herself because although I couldn’t hear her individually I’m sure she did very well.

So, by the end of the weekend we were all ‘classiced’ out, but it was well worth it.

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