Franny Part 2: An Interesting Week

After Fran spent Monday night with Mike, it was nice to have her back again on Tuesday. We spent the afternoon/evening talking and watching a bit of TV, before having a relatively early night. On Wednesday morning Adrian drove us to school and I showed Adrian and Fran where I work. I was able to show them in my building, as well as introduce them to some of my friends, including Lynne on reception. I wasn’t well, but struggled through the day and a meeting after school, so it was nice to come home and have Fran there. Like we do best, we just talked and talked. I sat on Fran’s bed while she showed me her purchases from her trip to London, and then did some repacking.

I ended up having Thursday off and stayed in bed until 1pm! Fran got back from London at about 3ish which was nice. Because I had rested I felt ok in the afternoon, and we had made plans to go out for dinner. I kept changing my mind about whether or not to go, and in the end I decided it would be nice and we just wouldn’t stay late. We met Trevor and Philippa at The Old Devil Inn and had a lovely night with good food and lots of laughs. I probably shouldn’t have gone to school on Friday as I still wasn’t well, but I struggled through. Thursday was the first day I’d had off since before July last year, and (stupidly) I felt bad taking two days off in a row. The annoying part of it all is that it wasn’t a cold or flu, I just felt tired and ‘sick’. I would get hungry, but then couldn’t stomach anything. I sat in student reception with Lynne for a while on Friday afternoon until I felt well enough to drive home. We decided to have a lazy night so Adrian went and got takeaway for us for dinner and we watched a couple of episodes of Glee, with the three of us in Fran’s bed 🙂

Yesterday we all had a sleep-in and then headed off to Oxford for the day. We had a bit of a look around and then found a nice place for lunch. They had lots of stuff on the menu, but we all ended up having burgers. Adrian showed us a few more places in Oxford that he knew we would like (he’d ben before for a work do) and we also did some shopping. Fran bought some more presents for her family and I got a nice tartan pashmina. We went home via Waitrose to get a few bits and pieces and were home for about 4.30pm. We all had showers before dinner, and then played Wii for a while. Can you guess what we did after that? Yep, we talked some more. In fact, we stayed up till midnight talking!!

After another sleep-in this morning, I took Fran down into Maidenhead to get a few things. I bought a new peach/orange and navy hoodie and Fran got a nice Birthday card for Sarina. We bought lunch and headed back to the unit for a rest. I have taken the opportunity to do this blog while Fran is packing her suitcase. That way we can relax until it’s time for dinner, showers and then off to the airport.

I wish Fran didn’t have to go home so soon, a week just isn’t long enough. But at the same time, this week has been very special, and we’ve made the most of our time together. We both suck at goodbyes so I imagine there will be tears at the airport tonight. Then it’s back to work tomorrow for another week at work …. sigh. I’m about to put some photos up from this week too, so hope you all like them xoxo

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