Our Weekend with Franny

On Saturday morning we headed off in the car to show Fran some of the area, starting with a drive past school to Henley. We then went to Marlow and the sun came out while we were down at the river. We talked to the duckies for a while and then went to Pizza Express for lunch. After lunch we put some washing on and then showed Fran the local Waitrose, where she was very excited to be able to use the scanner! By the time we did that it was just about time to get ready for our evening. Once we were suitably dressed up, we walked down to the train station and met Toby and Dave on the train, to go into London. We talked and laughed the whole way into Paddington and then found dinner at a nice pub in a side street near Embankment. We (mainly me) got a bit nervous about the time, but we got to the theatre in plenty of time to see Wicked. We had awesome seats, with plenty of room to stretch out our feet and a great view. The show was awesome and it was so nice to be at a show with my 2 closest friends.

After a late night, we had a sleep in on Sunday morning before doing some more washing. I showed Fran around Maidenhead town centre while Adrian mucked around at home, and then we drove to The Golden Retriever for lunch. Unfortunately it was very busy and we couldn’t get a table, so we went to plan b and had lunch at The Crooked Billet instead. We went straight from there around the corner to Hilary’s place for afternoon tea. It was nice for Fran and Hilary to meet at last and was nice for Adrian and I to catch up with her and Andy as well. Hilary suggested we start putting dates in the diary to do things before we head home, which I didn’t think was necessary, until Andy mentioned there were only another 15 or so Saturdays until the summer holidays! We decided not to talk about it …

On the way back home, Adrian and Fran dropped me at church for music practice as I was singing. They joined me later and after church we introduced Fran to some more of our friends. Philippa and I were comparing diaries to organise a date for Saturday or Sunday breakfast, and since we couldn’t do that until 25 April we decided to do dinner as well. Since Trevor and Philippa seemed to get along well with Fran, we organised to go out for dinner together on Thursday night, so that should be nice.

Fran had arranged to spend the night in London tonight with another friend, so I stayed at school after my meeting to get some work done. I stayed until almost 6pm but managed to get all my marking done, so I should be free for the rest of the week (except for a meeting on Wednesday).

On an unrelated note, I’ve put the photos from the zoo up. I won’t put photos with Fran up until the end of the week, so you can see them all at once 🙂

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