Franny’s Here!!

The most exciting news of the week is that Fran arrived this morning!! Adrian and I woke up at 4.30am (yes Eenie, you read that right) to make sure we were at the airport when the flight arrived. We only had to wait just short of an hour before I was finally able to give her a big haven’t-seen-you-for-a-year hug. We brought her home and showed her where everything was in the flat, and then Adrian and I both had to go to work. Fran had a shower and took herself to Windsor for the day to keep herself busy. Just as she was starting to get tired, I got home from work (about 4ish) so we did what we do best, sat on the bed talking till it was time to put dinner on. Fran went to bed straight after dinner, but she did quite well to make it through till about 7.30pm. I still can’t believe she is actually here – I’m so excited!

Today was a funny day, coz I was tired, excited and sore all in one. Yesterday was activities day at school and I was on the Yr 7 trip to Whipsnade Zoo, near Luton. It was a great day out, but unfortunately while mucking around with a colleague of mine (who is a big kid), he decided it would be ok to drop-tackle me (twice) and I hurt my neck. Everyone was really good about it, and he felt awful. Caty carried my bag around for the rest of the afternoon (which I probably could’ve done myself) and took charge of my group for me, who were all really sweet. Before you ask, Mum and Dad, it’s a bit better today, and is mostly just stiff and only hurts at strange times, like when I sneeze, lift my head up, brush my hair etc. If it hasn’t completely healed by the start of the week I’ll get a referral to see a physio, but I think it will be fine. He didn’t mean to hurt me, but was just a bit silly. It was really nice to spend the day with half of my tutor group (the other half were with a different teacher so the groups weren’t too big) and I got some great photos, which I’ll put up later.

Other than that, we haven’t posted for a while coz we haven’t done anything particularly exciting. I know all the Aussies like hearing about our ‘mundane’ activities, so I’ll have to get back into the habit of doing a blog at the end of each weekend. We’ve just been doing the usual – walks, catching up with friends, movies, glee/wii with Toby and Dave and lunch with friends.

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