Windsor Supper 2010

Some of you may remember that last year Muffie and Greg were telling us about the Windsor Supper they put on for all their friends (mainly from church) who live in the Windsor/Eton area. It only happens once a year but is a great way for people to meet each other and/or catch up with friends. Muffie decided it would be nice if we came too, so she jokingly suggested we should earn our supper, since we lie in Maidenhead. We were happy to help (taking coats, serving drinks, clearing plates etc) as this left her and Greg more time to socialise.

This year Muffie asked if we would do the same again so we said we’d love to. I wore my lovely new cardigan (that I bought with Halina on one of our snow days) only to be greeted with an apron when we arrived. Muffie said we had to look the part, and she even took photos of us! lol We had a good night, and everyone appreciated our help. Muffie said she is going to be a bit lost without us next year, so she’ll have to come up with a new plan.

When we left, Greg was out the front with a torch making sure people could see ok to get to their cars. He grabbed us and told us to come back in because we didn’t have our present. He went upstairs and came back with 2 gorgeous bowls from Kenya. The back story is that when we have home group at their place, they always have such wonderful bowls and there is one in particular that I like, with a giraffe sticking his nose into the bowl. I commented on it a few times and they remembered, so they had a couple delivered to Dubai for a friend to pick up and bring back to London for them. Greg let us choose which one we wanted, and that was our thank you present for all our help. I was so touched, I didn’t know what to say – I just kept hugging Greg.

I’ve got some photos of me, us in our apron and the bowl, so I’ll include them in the post below. Today is a lazy day and then tonight we are going out again, for Natalie’s Birthday, in Marlow which should be fun. The weather has turned from snow to rain, but it’s not quite as cold, which is good. It’s currently about 5 degrees which is quite nice 🙂

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