2010 Brings More Snow

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, everyone always ponders the question ‘What will this year bring?’, and the answer for 2010 seems to be SNOW!

Adrian and I went to Hilary and Andy’s place for a lovely New Year dinner party with a total of 11 people. It was a bit of a squeeze around the dining table, but we all had a lot of fun. We turned the TV on just before midnight, passed around the glasses of champagne and counted down together. After watching the London fireworks we then went outside for our own little display, along with sparklers and party poppers. It was a nice relaxing way to welcome in the New Year.

Adrian and I had a lazy day on Friday, and then went for a walk around Chesham on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately we didn’t follow the instructions properly and ended up lost, in a relatively isolated area, with not much light left for the day. We eventually found our way back and ended up having take-away for dinner as we were so exhausted – we were walking non-stop (up some VERY steep hills) through mud/snow/ice for 3.5hrs. It was still a good walk though.

After a wonderful holiday, we both went back to work on Monday, which wasn’t too bad. Surprisingly, the early start wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Going back to work is never fun, but I can’t complain as I’ve had today off because of snow! It started snowing late afternoon yesterday (Tuesday) and when we woke up this morning, it looked like it hadn’t stopped all night. Schools all over the place are closed, and we are waiting to hear what’s happening tomorrow (which will depend on whether it stops snowing anytime soon).

After a bit of a sleep-in, I stole Adrian away from his work and we ventured out into the back garden to make snow angels and a snowman. Since we now know how to make snowmen properly (unlike last time), he turned out quite well. Adrian wanted to call him Ralph, but I had Alfred in my head – he ended up with no name again. We didn’t have anything in the house for his face, so made do with twigs and leaves. I was able to make a good snow angel because the snow was nice and thick, so I’ve ticked that box as well. After a quick chat with Mum and Dad, I then got stuck into some marking, which I will continue this afternoon.

I have my photos on the computer and will organise Adrian’s at lunchtime. Once we’ve done that, I will post some photos, so by the time the Aussies read this they will be on there. Trust us to be here during England’s worst Winter on record …. EVER!!!

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