Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas here in England. We woke up early (6am), opened presents, rang friends and family in Australia, went to the 9.15 church service, then came back to play with some of our presents, before lunch at 12.40. Mum and Dad had paid for our lunch at The Golden Retriever and all our meals had been pre-ordered to make the day run smoothly. We had a lovely, relaxed meal and the 4 of us talked and laughed about all sorts of things.

On boxing day, we took Katharine and Steve on the walk around Marlow. It goes through fields, and then along the banks of the Thames river. It was still very icy from all the snow, so it made it more of a strenuous walk than normal, but we still enjoyed it. Plus it was good exercise.

On Sunday we dropped Katharine and Steve at Bletchley park (about an hour and 40 minutes from our place) so they could have a tour of the code-breaking facility. Adrian and I had been last year, so we left them to it while we went for a drive to find a hot chocolate. After we picked them up we found a pub and had a nice meal, before driving home again.

On Monday we caught the train into London to go to St Paul’s Cathedral, which is something we hadn’t done before either. We went on a guided tour of the Cathedral, which lasted about 40 minutes, and then we all walked up the 257 stairs to the Whispering Gallery. Katharine has a problem with her ankle at the moment, so she went back down and minded our bags, while Steve, Adrian and I climbed the 119 stairs to the Stone Gallery and then a further 152 stairs right to the top (Golden Gallery). We picked a perfect day to do the climb, so the view from the top was incredible (mind you, after 528 steps you’d expect a good view). We had an easy lunch at a cafe and then caught the tube to the Natural History Museum, where they were having an exhibition for Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Katharine, Steve and I looked around there, while Adrian explored some of the other areas in the museum. After a couple of hours there, we headed home. Katharine and Steve got off the tube earlier than we did to meet a friend of theirs, so we got home about an hour earlier than they did.

Tuesday was spent sorting through photos and packing. We took Katharine and Steve to Windsor for some last-minute souvenirs and lunch at one of their great pubs. Then this morning we took them to the airport and said our goodbyes.

In between all of these activities, our time was filled by talking, eating, laughing, eating, playing games and (yep you guessed it) eating! We have had a wonderful 3 weeks with Katharine and Steve here, especially over the last week and a bit when we’ve been exploring together. Adrian has this week off, so we are catching up with boring things like washing, cleaning, groceries etc. We have also sorted through all the photos and have put them on the blog, complete with comments. Sorry for the wait – hopefully it will be worth it. Lots of love to you all and hope you enjoy your New Years xoxo

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