Our Lead up to Christmas

So last Monday evening we went and picked up Katharine and Steve from the airport, brought them back home for some food, and then called it a night. I had Wednesday off school – it would have been an inset day, but we have been doing sessions after school instead. I spent the day showing K&S around Maidenhead and the local areas, similar to what I did with Mum and Dad.

The real festivities started on the weekend. On Saturday morning, after doing some marking, we went into town to buy the food we needed for our party. We then had lunch and made our gingerbread house (after Hilary’s comment when we bought one last year) and Christmas cookies. In the evening we met Toby and Dave in Reading for dinner and Toby’s choir concert. He sang as part of the choir, in a smaller ensemble and in a duet – he has an amazing voice – powerful but gorgeous. We stayed afterwards for a drink and a laugh.

Then on Sunday morning we drove to Hilary and Andy’s place for breakfast before heading off in convoy to buy our Christmas tree! It was lots of fun having K&S there to help choose which one we wanted, and we even saw Santa! We grabbed some mistletoe as well, just to add to the experience. We brought it home and the 4 of us proceeded to decorate it with all our lovely decorations we receive last year. We put the presents under the tree, hung the mistletoe, had showers and put the food out. People started arriving at about 3pm and we had a lovely afternoon chatting and laughing. It was nice for K&S to meet all our friends, especially those from church. On Saturday night we had been discussing the possibility of hiring some more wii remotes so that the 4 of us could play together. So Toby arrived at the party with a present for Adrian and I, and when we opened them they were wii remotes – Toby, you’re the best!! We started packing up around 6pm and headed down to church for the carols service, which was very traditional – a nice way to cap off our Christmas weekend.

This week has been an interesting week. It’s the last week at school, which always makes things drag, but at times it’s seemed to go really quickly. Last night we went out for dinner with K&S’s friends from Cairns and their family. We went to Water Sky, a Chinese restaurant we had been to before with Hilary and Andy. They do a banquet where you order as much as you want in different ‘courses’ for a set price.

Tonight Adrian and I are going out with the other 2 people who work in the UK office and their partners – we are going for a Thai meal in Marlow, which should be nice.

The other nice things about this week have been that it has snowed on and off – yes, SNOW!! And that lots of people in my tutor group have been giving me cards and presents. One of the messages said ‘to a cool teacher, etc etc p.s ur awesome’ Some of the other messages have been really sweet too, so it’s nice to know that the effort I put in with my tutor group hasn’t gone unnoticed. I like having a Yr 7 tutor group as they are all very sweet and mostly do the right thing – we have a lot of fun together.

We are expected to get quite a lot of snow tonight, so we may or may not wake up to a white snow-scene – I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂 (photos of our Christmas activities to come)

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