After a long and busy week, we had a lazy night on Friday and continued to deal with our plumbing problem (which has involved turning the water on and off all the time until the plumber can replace the tap tomorrow).

Saturday was also a lazy day, phoning people, doing groceries, watching TV and playing the Wii. Then in the afternoon we drove to Dave’s place (Toby’s partner), which took about 50 minutes. From there we all went in the same car to Dave’s mate’s place (another 50 minutes) for a fireworks party! There were quite a few people there, both adults and kids, so the atmosphere was great. We chatted inside for a bit, then went outside for part 1 of the fireworks display (the fireworks were provided mostly by Toby and Dave). After a large bonfire, some rockets and the mandatory ‘oos’ and ‘aahs’ we came in out of the cold for some food. Everyone had been in charge of bringing something so we had a lovely spread of hot meals followed by scrumptious desserts.

The big kids entertained the little kids with some indoor fireworks which were pretty neat (for what they were) and we all went back out for part 2 of the display and the big finale. The finale was about 200 ‘shots’ which all went off almost simultaneously – it was awesome!!

This was the first time Adrian and I had been to an English fireworks party, and the first ever organised by someone other than the council or a huge company. The reason being that in Australia they are illegal to purchase, but over here they aren’t.

We went back inside for a bit, then said our goodbyes and headed back to Dave’s place. He had offered earlier that we could stay, so we’d put some clothes and stuff in the boot in case we were too tired to drive home. This was definitely the case as we got back to their place close to 1am.

We set up the sofa bed and called it a night. We all got up about mid morning, had bacon sandwiches, talked for a bit and then played Wii. We had taken our controllers so we were able to play 4 player tennis, which was good fun. We also went through some of the training and got some extra stages unlocked which was good fun. We stayed until early afternoon, substituting lunch for chocolate, and then headed home.

We had a wonderful time laughing and joking and it was nice to something a bit different with our weekend. We have done another load of washing, got Adrian packed up ready to go back to Oz for work, and are now contemplating what to do with our evening – I don’t think it will be much.

Thanks Toby and Dave for a great weekend – you guys are good value!!! 🙂

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