Now that Adrian is back and has returned my cable (which he accidentally took with him) I have put the photos up from my day at Hilary’s place – enjoy 🙂

2 Replies to “Photos from Tuesday”

  1. Hi Janno
    I was looking through your photos (love the pumpkin by the way) and I’m not sure I like the sound of your old wives tale about the berries meaning a harsh winter – we’re going to freeze our butts off coming from Cairns summer to your winter!!! Oh well, I’ll just have to drink more hot chocolate! 🙂
    Talk soon

  2. Well Janno, I wouldn’t have believed it unless I had seen the photos – my daughter sooooo artistic….WOW!!!! Glad you had such a wonderful day with Hilary and Oliver. Dad and I are delighted to hear it is going to be so cold – looks like we left at just the right time…… although dad just said “The first sign of snow and I am coming back!”
    Love you XO XO

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