A Great Day With a Great Friend

Today I spent the day at Hilary’s place, and had a wonderful time. I got there just after 10.30am and the first thing we did was go to Tesco for a few things, and then on to the Holme Grange Craft Village to buy some Christmas presents. They have a nice gallery there where I bought Adrian’s present, Mum’s birthday present and some Christmas earrings for me! There were so many nice things, I could’ve bought the whole shop!

After that we came home and had pizza for lunch with Oli. Then Hilary and I went for a walk near their place – a nice circular one that took us all through the hills and autumn leaves. It took about an hour, and Hilary took me for a nice drive around the area on the way home.

Then we each chose a pumpkin (that they had bought on the weekend) and took to cutting a lid off the top, taking all its guts out, and cutting out a face. I had never done this before, so once again Hilary was helping me achieve another ‘first’ here in England. I had a lot of fun mucking around with Oli, and Hilary said I could keep mine to decorate our front bay window – she even gave me a candle and jam jar to put it in.

We put them outside and then Oli and I iced some little cupcakes – orange icing with purple sweets. We had some leftover icing, so I put it on a biscuit each, and made a smiley face for Oli and I and a flower for Hilary. Then we ate our biscuits and watched a program about snow and snowflakes.

I ended up staying for dinner and had a chat to Hilary while Andy took Oliver to swimming training, and left around 8.30pm, with my pumpkin and presents.

I’ve got photos, but I can’t find the right cable at the moment, so I’ll have to ring Adrian and see if he knows where it is. If I don’t find it tonight I’ll put another post to let you know when the photos go up.

I had a great day laughing and chatting with Hilary and Oli, but I was a bit sad on the way home in the car, coz I’m really going to miss Hilary when we leave ….. I’ll just have to make the most of having her so close for the next 10 months or so.

Anyway enough of that, I’m off to try and find that cable ….. 🙂

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