1940s at School

This week was Founder Week at school and since the first stone (for the new school) was laid in 1939 we had the option of coming dressed in 1940s clothes today.

I decided last minute that it would be a bit of fun, and my yr 7 tutor group egged me on a bit. I wore a grey skirt suit, white blouse and scarf. When I got to school, Jess put my hair up and painted a line on the back of my tights (apparently this is what women did if they couldn’t afford nice tights).

It was a good laugh to see people dressed up, and quite a few people commented that I looked more like a flight attendant, so I spent the whole day showing people where the exits were!

I took some photos and have put them on the website. Unfortunately I can’t show you the ones of the kids for privacy issues. There may be some on our school website though (http://www.piggott.wokingham.sch.uk/) in the next couple of days.

Other than that, Adrian and I haven’t been up to much – just going for walks on the weekend and taking in the beautiful Autumn colours. It is starting to get quite cold and it’s now dark when we wake up in the mornings, but we still love it!

Only 10 weeks till Christmas, which means only 7 weeks till Katharine and Steve arrive – yaay 🙂

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