South Coast of England

Yesterday I went exploring with Mum and Dad around the South coast of England. We didn’t set our alarms, but still got up at a reasonable time, and were on the road just after 9am. Our first stop was Winchester. Adrian and I had been previously, but this time the Cathedral was open so we went in to have a look around. Aside from the usual wonder of a Cathedral, the Winchester Cathedral houses Jane Austen’s grave.

After we finished looking around, we got back in the car and headed off for our next stop. On Friday night I had changed my facebook status so that it was basically asking for suggestions of places we should see on the South coast. Melissa (from work) sent me a comment with a couple of ideas, so we changed our plans slightly, and set the GPS for Lyme Regis, which is on the Jurassic Coast. Lyme Regis is where some of the first fossils in the world were found, but it is also a cute old fishing village, with both a pebble and sand beach. We found a shop that only sold roast sandwiches, and they were making a roaring trade. We all had roast chicken and stuffing, and took it down to the pebble beach. The seagulls were all fighting over the food, and one even swooped in and grabbed the last bit of my sandwich out of my hand – nasty bird!

Once we had finished our lunch and been for a walk along to the harbour, we got back in the car and headed for Weymouth, and then on to Lulworth Cove. While we were standing in the carpark, we asked some people what was up the hill, as that seemed to be away from the cove. They told us it was a lovely walk up and around to Durdle Door. They weren’t wrong – it was up!! There is a photo on our site, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as steep as it actually is – it was quite a difficult walk, but worth it. We could have walked all the way down to Durdle Door beach, but we decided we could see it well enough from up the top. We took some photos and then headed back down, which gave us some great views of Lulworth Cove, which is almost perfectly round.

By this point it was late in the day, so we sat in the car and worked out where we wanted to go. The only other places on our itinerary were Portsmouth and Brighton. I explained to Mum and Dad that Brighton was very similar to what we had seen at Lyme Regis, but with a big pier full of sideshow rides and stuff. We decided to drive around to Portsmouth, and parked in the shopping centre on the waterfront. We walked around to see some of the historic ships. We took photos of HMS Warrior, and then went back to find some dinner. We had a nice simple meal at Tootsies and then drove home.

It was a lovely day, with the only problem being the haze. For some reason it was very hazy in that area of England, which made taking nice photos a bit difficult. Other than that, I had a great day with Mum and Dad. Photos are already up, so enjoy 🙂

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