My Birthday

Yesterday was my Birthday, and it started in the usual way, by opening presents on my bed. I was unsure how this would work, but Adrian went and got Mum and Dad once I was awake and I sat in bed opening presents. I got some lovely presents including a dress watch with matching bracelet, pashminas, Harrods bag, necklaces, book, CD, DVD etc.

After breakfast, we went to the shop to collect the cake and get some links taken out of my watch and bracelet. Then Mum took me down to get my hair done – she even managed to get home and back again without getting lost!

By this point it was lunch time, so we had a light lunch before getting ready for my party. Hilary, Andy and Oliver arrived at about 2.30, armed with lots of platters and 2 big bowls (one for punch, and one for pimms and lemonade). By the time we had put things on platters, people started arriving, so I stayed downstairs while the others finished getting things organised. Mum and Dad were a great help, but so was Hilary – she is such a special friend, I’m very lucky our paths crossed.

I had a lovely time with about 30 of us in the garden, eating, talking and laughing the afternoon away. It got a bit cool towards the end, as we were heading into early evening, and because I had a summer dress on! I wore my cardigan the whole time which was fine, and then ended up with my new brown pashmina as a scarf to keep my neck warm.

Most people headed off around 6ish, leaving Hilary, Andy and Oliver to help us pack up. We washed all their platters and bowls for them, so they could just put them away when they got home. After they left I opened all my prezzies, and we had leftover cob loaf dip for dinner. We then ‘played’ with some presents (mainly music) and then called it a night.

I had a lovely day, and it was really special to have Mum and Dad here this year.

This morning we dropped them off at the airport for the Ireland adventure, and since then I have been writing thank you emails and sorting through photos. We didn’t take many photos because I wanted Dad and Adrian to enjoy themselves. Also, it was difficult to get photos of people, as a lot of them were crowded around the table. I’m just in the process of uploading them now.

Thanks to everyone for my Birthday wishes – it was definitely an English Birthday I won’t forget 🙂

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