H is for Home

This morning we got up at the usual time and drove to York. We found somewhere to park and walked to the York Minster, the oldest Gothic Cathedral in Europe. While the boys were trying to get a good shot of the 2 towers, a lovely old gentleman came over and told us to walk down one of the side streets until we get to the fire hydrant sign, then turn around, and it will all be in view. He was right, except there was a bit of overgrowing tree, but the photo was still very good.

We walked around to the entrance and decided to walk around inside for a bit. We took in some of the amazing sculptures, designs and stain-glass windows. It was then time to go back to our car before our ticket ran out. We told the GPS to take us home, and started the 4 hour drive. Lunch consisted of a stop at a services along the way, and the weather wasn’t particularly nice to us either. We had a bit of traffic, but made it home safely by about 3.30pm

Adrian and I have thoroughly enjoyed our 2 weeks in Scotland with Mum and Dad, and were so happy to be able to share such great experiences with them. Our highlights were definitely the lovely scenery, jumping in and out of the car taking photos, Broad Bay House, seeing Thelma and Dennis, and of course the Tattoo! Upon announcing to our friends that we were driving around Scotland, everyone told us that the 2 things we would need the most would be insect repellant and waterproof clothes – we didn’t need either, so there!! The weather was pretty much perfect for the whole 13 days, give or take a day at the start and end.

After arriving home this afternoon we have done 2 loads of washing, groceries, emails, dinner, blogs and photos. Adrian is back at work tomorrow and Friday, and then Sunday we are off to Greece for our cruise around the Greek Isles – it’s a tough life, but someone has to do it 🙂

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