T is for Tattoo!!!

After a wonderful couple of days with Thelma and Dennis we hit the road again, heading for Edinburgh and the Military Tattoo. On the way we stopped in at Stirling Castle but decided to just take some photos from the car park rather than paying to go in. Since the toilets were inside, we then went on a wild goose chase around Stirling trying to find toilets with a nearby car park. Eventually we found a McDonalds, marched in, peed and left.

From there we headed on south to Linlithgow where the Dalzell family castle stands – now called the House of Binns. It wasn’t open for us to go inside, but we took some photos of Richard claiming it from the outside and the scenery looking over the firth of fourth.

Eventually we made it to Edinburgh and encountered a lot of roadworks which made it very difficult to find the hotel in the city centre. Every time the GPS told us to make a turn we found the road closed. Eventually Janet called the hotel and managed to get instructions around the roadworks to where the GPS could get us the rest of the way.

After settling in, we went for a walk to find lunch and a supermarket to get something for dinner since we were in a self-catering apartment. Then Richard, Janet and Sandy headed out to beat the rush and buy Tattoo programs and souvenirs while Adrian stayed home and sorted through all the photos from the trip.

Finally, it was time to head off to the tattoo. The weather was cloudy but the rain managed to hold off so we were actually warm and dry for the whole performance. We had perfect seats except that Janet got stuck behind the one tall person in the row in front but she figures that’s payback for having a tall husband. The seats themselves were incredibly small so we all struggled to squash in. Even so, the performance was brilliant and we all really really enjoyed it. A lifelong dream of Janet’s and Sandy’s is now fulfilled.

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