C is for Captain Cook

Unfortunately, every man and his dog had decided it would also be nice to go to Whitby for the day. We first tried the short term car park, which was useless, so by the time we got out of that one and into the queue for the long stay one, we decided it wasn’t really worth it. We managed to turn around, with a bit of pushing and shoving, and headed back out of town, past the hundreds (slightly exaggerating) of cars.

The reason we were looking for parking in the first place was because our dodgy hotel, Woodside Vill, cancelled on us, with very little notice. We had booked the TWO rooms in January, only to be told 3 days before our arrival that they had double booked, and booking agencies get priority. Luckily Adrian took the call, as he is much better at dealing with rude people that I am – she was trying to fob us off by saying that they don’t normally take one night bookings … tough, you booked it!!! Of course, at this late stage everywhere in and around Whitby was booked out.

Whilst at Thelma and Dennis’ place, we managed to book a lovely hotel at Scarborough instead. We arrived at the Crown Spa Hotel about mid afternoon, dropped our bags off and went for a walk. It was a great opportunity to show Mum and Dad how the English do beaches (poorly). It was your typical beach (although it did have sand) with lots of mud, grey skies, no waves and sideshow ally type things. We walked back up the hill, had showers and decided to eat in the lounge at the hotel. They ended up seating us in the restaurant, so we got comfortable seating at about half the price of the restaurant food.

We are now all in our room, talking and writing blogs. It is our last night together, but will leave the soppy blog for tomorrow when we actually finish our holiday.

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