Q is for Queenie

Q is for Queenie – we’ll wave as we go past Balmoral Castle.

After a buffet breakfast, we hit the road and headed for the Queen’s summer residence at Balmoral Castle. Because she was home we couldn’t get very close, but caught some glimpses of it through the trees. From there we drove on to Braemar, where the Queen likes to do her shopping. We had a look at the tartan shop, and opted out of morning tea. Instead we continued on through Glen Shee, the skiing district. It was quite unusual to see the chair lifts and fences where the ski runs are, considering it was green not white.

Our final stop for the day was Coupar Angus – Thelma and Dennis’ house. Thelma is Mum’s cousin, and the last time I had seen them was at Nicole & Grant’s wedding, back when I was in about yr 8!! We spent the afternoon catching up, and doing lots of talking. Thelma’s Dad (Mum’s Uncle) Sandy came over for tea, so it was nice to meet him – he even wore his kilt. After dinner, the boys got stuck into the whisky. There is a great photo with a whole assortment of whisky, rum and other spirits. At about 7pm Thelma, Mum and I drove Uncle Sandy home (just up the road) and then came back to continue with the drinking (couldn’t let the boys have all the fun). We had a great night, laughing and joking, doing quizzes, and just generally having fun. The time got away from us, so we didn’t head up to bed till about 12.30.

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