F is for Family History

Today was the day I finally got to see where Mum was born and where Nan and Pop were married.

Once we were up an organised in the morning, we went in 2 cars, collected Uncle Sandy and drove to Alyth. We saw the house where Mum was born – back then it was the Alyth Nursing Centre. Just outside Alyth is a gorgeous little place called Glenisla, where Pop went to primary school, and also where he and Nan were married. We saw the church, as well as the Glenisla Hotel where they held their reception. Whilst in the churchyard, Mum showed me the gravestone of my great grandfather, David H Anderson.

Thelma also decided to show us the Backwater Dam, then the Reekie Linn falls. By this point we were all a bit peckish, so we went to the Glenisla Golf Club for lunch. We had a lovely meal, and then there was just one thing left to see to make our day complete – the Meikleour Beech Hedges. The hedge was planted in 1745 and is the tallest and longest hedge on earth. It measures 30 metres in height and 530 metres in length and is trimmed once every 10 years.

On the way home we had a cuppa at Uncle Sandy’s place, and then went home to organise dinner. Thelma and Dennis then showed us how to play shuffleboard – an awesome game that we are definitely going to purchase once we go home to Oz (http://www.mastersgames.com/cat/table/sjoelbak.htm). We had a great time playing, as it is the sort of game that anyone can play. You get sucked in, and we ended up playing for hours. We even played after dinner so Adrian and I could crack the score of 100 – it finally happened, after much frustration.

One of Thelma’s daughters, Denise, and her husband and daughter, came over briefly to say hello before dinner. After dinner we did some more quizzes, talking and of course drinking.

It was another great night, and was so nice to spend some time with family. Hopefully Adrian and I will get a chance to go up and see them again before we head home.

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