L is for Lighthouse

Today was another glorious, sunny day. We left Grantown-on-Spey and headed north towards the coast. We gave the GPS a rest, while Adrian navigated using the touring map instead. This let us follow the scenic coastal route through a number of small fishing villages, which Dad enjoyed immensely. We drove through all the towns, but stopped at Fraserburgh to look at the Lighthouse Museum at Kinnaird Head. Although it was not the first lighthouse to be built in Scotland, it was the first official ‘working’ lighthouse, built in the 16th century. The lighthouse tower itself was built in Lord Fraser’s castle. We got a tour through the actual lighthouse, all the way to the top where the lighthouse keeper would have spent his night shift maintaining the light and signal. The tour guide was very informative and it was well worth the stop.

We had lunch in their cafe before the tour, so that we could then keep going to our destination for the night – Aberdeen. All was fine and dandy until Adrian noticed a warning light on the dashboard. I looked it up to discover it was some sort of engine fault that needed servicing. We got to our hotel (the Hilton) and called VW who weren’t particularly helpful, mostly because it was a Friday afternoon. Being a geek, Adrian’s next move was to search google, which told him that it was possible that the break lights were broken. We went back out and confirmed that was indeed the problem. We had a few options at that point, but chose to ring RAC (the English version of RACQ) who came out within half an hour. It turns out the switch above the brake pedal had come loose, so the man was able to fix it on the spot, much to our relief.

We are now sitting in the bar posting our blogs, and plan to then have dinner in here too.

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