Scotland Trip – Day 1

The first day of our Scotland trip saw us heading off from Maidenhead towards Windermere in the lakes district. There was a moment of panic and “creative packing” required as we discovered that the suitcases were now more full than in our test run and wouldn’t fit in the boot. Eventually we got it all in, filling nearly every inch of space in the car and set off.

The first stop was in Liverpool where we took a look at “The Beatles Story” a museum covering the history of The Beatles. All very interesting, with some good reproductions of key sites like the Cavern where The Beatles spent a lot of time performing.

After that we drove on to Lonsdale House in Ulverston only to be told that we didn’t have a booking there – perhaps we were looking for Lonsdale House in Windermere? After a quick check of the booking confirmation we turned around and drove back to Windermere and found a much nicer Lonsdale House to stay at. Sandy and Richard even scored a free upgrade to a fancy room with a four poster bed which was a bonus.

After dumping our stuff we walked down to the lake and found a boat was just about to leave so we jumped on and spent a nice hour and a half cruising the lake. On the way back to the hotel we found a pizza and pasta restaurant for dinner which was lovely. It kicked off what will hopefully be a comprehensive tour of local beers for Richard and I with the Windermere local Bluebird Bitter. Not a bad start, but a little bit sweet.

Now we’re just relaxing in the bar writing up our blog posts and reviewing the day for tomorrow. We should go through Glasgow and past Loch Lomond on our way to Killin.

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