“Isn’t it Nice We’re All Together”

This is my Mum (and Aunty Maria’s) catch phrase when she is with family. Although Mum and Dad are blogging, we thought we should too, as we will often have different perspectives on things.

I don’t have much to add to their blog …. Tuesday we picked them up from the airport in the early hours of the morning, with a sign that read ‘No More Sleeps’. They were very excited to finally be here after all their planning. We came home, then dropped Adrian at work, and I showed them around town – the high street, where I get my hair done, church etc. After that I took them for a drive to my school, and then we met Hilary for a drink at one of our favourite pubs, Bird in Hand. After a nice lunch at the pub, I took them to a huge Marks & Spencer at Camberley, which also has a huge 24 hour Tesco, where we picked up a few things. We then headed home, had an earlyish dinner, and Dad hit the sack. Mum followed later on when we did.

Yesterday morning we woke up and did two very exciting things – washing and groceries! We then went downstairs to have morning tea with Elizabeth and Bill, as well as Pat (from upstairs). They are some of the more elderly residents where we live, but they always look out for us, so it was nice to catch up. After that we went to Henley, for a walk along the river. We then went to Marlow, but by that point it was raining, so we came home and had some quiet time, before picking Adrian up from work.

Today, after hanging another load of washing out, we went for a walk along the river, this time in Maidenhead itself. Firstly we walked along the Thames Path towards Bray, looking at all the lovely big houses on the river. Then we went the other way, heading towards Cookham to Boulters Lock. We went over to Ray Mill Island, at which point it starting pouring with rain. I got my umbrella out, and looked over at Mum whose look said it all – she brought the umbrellas with her, but left them in the car, coz it was sunny when we arrived at the car park. She learnt her lesson, and will now never do that again. After lunch we went to Muffie & Greg’s place for afternoon tea, before coming home to pack for our big adventure to Scotland.

Adrian is now finally on holidays, and we are all packed read to go on our road trip. We are all very excited, and I feel like I used to when we were going on holidays as kids – only this time, it’s with Adrian and not Katharine.

Hopefully we will blog every night, or every second night, but we will be sure to tell you of all our adventures. Stay tuned …

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