Another Milestone

1pm today marked the end of my first full year of teaching!! It has been a year of ups and downs, but mostly ups. I received a lovely thank you card from the head teacher, who said the work I did with my tutor group was particularly valued. I also received a card and present from one of the boys in my tutor group. I’ve worked closely with him this year, and he has come a long way. I don’t take all the credit for it, but I do think that by me giving him a clean slate and supporting him, he has been able to improve his behaviour, school work and social skills. I’m really proud of his achievements.

There are a couple of groups I won’t be teaching next year, which is a bit of a shame, as I have gotten to know them really well and we understand each other. Oh well, I will still see them around. I am having a year 7 tutor group, and a whole new set of GCSE Business Studies classes, so I have lots of new things to look forward to.

We had our staff summer social last Friday night, which was a lot of fun, and then yesterday afternoon we had the farewells for those staff who are leaving. Today we had whole school assembly, a couple of lessons, tutor time and a year group achievement assembly. After school a few of us went down to the local pub for a light lunch. Tonight we are going out with Toby and Dave to celebrate the end of the year.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel like the end of the year, because it’s not Christmas. Lots of people at school have said they feel like I’ve been there much longer than a year, which I’m going to take as a compliment. At times I have felt like the time at school dragged on and on, and at other times it went really quickly. I’m just amazed I got through my first year still in one piece, with lots of praise from both staff and students.

Thanks to all of you for your support, and listening to me on the phone – particularly those of you I call after a bad day. Thanks especially to Hilary and Toby for keeping me sane from this end, and to Mum and Fran for helping me keep things in perspective from the other side of the world. Over the next 6 weeks I look forward to spending time with Mum and Dad, but also some quality time with Adrian, who puts up with all my stories from school. Lots of love to you all xoxo

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