Beaconsfield & Wimbledon

We have had a lovely weekend with a mixture of things happening. On Thursday night we went to Charissa’s place for her birthday dinner, and spent the evening out in the garden talking to all our friends from church.

On Saturday (after the usual phone calls home) we went for a drive to Beaconsfield, where they have a model village. You have to pay to get in, but it is very impressive. They have pretty much everything you could think of, from churches and schools to zoos and dairy farms. There were quite a few people there, including a group of Rainbows (the equivalent to Brownies in Oz) – they were very cute. Adrian and I had a fun time wondering around looking at everything, trying to spot the little hidden gems. Dad you would definitely like the train tracks – it’s even in sync with the little voiceover at the station saying the train is approaching etc.

On the way home we went to the shop for ink cartridge and some short sleeve shirts for Adrian, then it was dinner and TV for the evening.

On Sunday it was the final of the Men’s singles at Wimbledon, between Federer and Roddick. Since we planned on staying home to watch it, I went for a walk in the morning, so I wouldn’t feel quite so lazy later. Natalie came and watched it with us. We did it the English way with strawberries and cream, and Pimms and lemonade! It was a lovely afternoon, and for those who saw the match, you’ll agree it was an awesome display of tennis skill and pure determination. I feel for Roddick – he tried so hard, and if it wasn’t for Federer he’d have won several other Grand Slams since 2003. However all credit to Federer for now having the most number of Grand Slams ever – he really is one of the best players the sport has ever seen! Neil (Natalie’s husband) joined us later in the afternoon and since the last set just went on and on and on and on, they stayed for dinner. Us girls went to the shops and got stuff to make a simple stir-fry. We ate our dinner while watching Top Gear, and then called it a night.

All in all it was a lovely English weekend, to top off the very hot (non-English) week we had just had. Adrian is currently sorting through our photos, but there are lots, so don’t hold your breath …

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