Thorpe Park

Today I went with the Yr 9s, and a whole bunch of staff, to Thorpe Park. It is a theme park, similar to Dreamworld but with ridiculously long queues! We got there at about 10.30 and Ashley and I headed for a ride. I couldn’t bring myself to go on Stealth straight away, so decided to work my way up to it. Instead we went on Collossus, the only 10-loop rollercoaster in the world (or something like that). There were parts where we were just constantly spiralling, like we were going inside out (difficult to explain), but it was a lot of fun.

I was then extremely hot, but Lisa had just been on a water ride and didn’t want to go on one again. We had lunch and then decided to go and cool off. Instead of queuing for the actual ride, we went to where the ride Tidal Wave is, and you can stand on a bridge thing at the end of the ride where all the water comes up. Think Log/Flume rides, but about 4-5 times more water! We weren’t getting wet and every time we moved, someone got wet in our original position. In the end we decided to duck down, instead of stand on the railing, and we copped the full brunt of the water straight at us – it was fantastic!!

The kids thought it was great coz we were sopping and Lisa had gone quite see through, lol. We then went with a group of kids on the rapids, and after that I headed to Stealth (look it up if you’ve never been to Thorpe Park). I had decided I would go on it, regardless of who came with me – I was even happy to go on my own. When I got there, the wait time was 2 hours, so I gave that a miss and headed back to the Dome, and spent the afternoon talking to Toby and Halina.

It was a very hot day (about 29 I think) and it was sticky heat – yuk!! After a day like today, which is rare, I’m not sure I want to move home to Brisbane, where that is normal for summer! I’m sure it won’t take long to re-aclimatise (if that’s even a word).

All in all though it was a nice day, just a bit long and hot. Fortunately it is a bit less than an hour from school, so we were back just before 6pm. I will sleep well tonight 🙂

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