On Saturday we went to Cambridge for the afternoon. We got there at about lunch time so we found a nice little restaurant by the river, and sat outside to eat. We then asked the guys to tell us more about the punting on the river. When he was charging us, he asked if we were by any chance students (because students and pensioners are cheaper). I very quickly responded by saying ‘no but do teachers count’ and he just smiled and put us both through at the cheaper price 🙂

Taking a guided tour is a much better idea than hiring your own, particularly so given we saw a young girl fall in! The main reason for going on a ‘tour’ is that they tell you what all the buildings and bridges are called, and tell you funny stories. One of my favourites was the one about Kings College Chapel. One night a young student decided to be mischievous and climb to the top of the spire and put a traffic cone on top. Because of health and safety, to get it down the college had to erect scaffolding, which took some time. Just before they were completed, the student climbed up again and moved the cone to the other spire. The college then decided it would be quicker and easier to pay a student to climb up and retrieve it. Rumour has it that they asked the same student who put it up there to begin with …

We also saw the area where they filmed part of the first Harry Potter film – the part where they teach them to fly on broomsticks. I was also fascinated to learn that there are in fact 31 colleges in Cambridge – 29 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate.

After our relaxing punt up the river and back, we went for a bit of a walk. We saw a sale at a fancy looking suit shop so we went in and put Adrian a gorgeous grey suit, pink shirt and matching tie. It should have cost over £500 but was just £199 – bargain!!!

After that we got an ice cream (something you have to do when it’s vaguely warm in England) and then headed home.

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