South Coast of England

On Sunday we went for a drive down to the South Coast of England, stopping at Winchester on the way. The main reason for stopping there was to see the Winchester Cathedral, but because we went on a Sunday there were services in progress, so we couldn’t actually go in. We had a quick look from the outside, had a look at some of the surrounding gardens and then hopped back in the car.

We drove on to Portsmouth and had lunch at the Marina. There was a large shopping centre, with a row of restaurants and cafes by the water. We didn’t know which one to eat at so decided based on who had a table outside, so it ended up being Zizi’s. After lunch we were going to go up the Spinnaker Tower to look at the view, but we didn’t think it was worth the £7 each they were charging. Instead we had a look at a few shops and then decided to drive to New Forest.

We were going to hire bikes and go for a ride through the forest, but I didn’t really fancy driving on the road. Unfortunately the only way to get between the cute little towns was to ride on the road. There were lots of cyclists around and everyone in England is used to sharing the roads, but I just didn’t want to risk it …. maybe another time.

We ended up driving through a couple of cute villages and then calling it quits and headed home. We stopped off at a petrol station/break place for afternoon tea.

The weather was glorious all weekend, but unfortunately today (which is a bank holiday) it’s overcast and forecast to rain. We were hoping to go to The Lookout and hire some bikes, but we may have to leave that for another time. Now that the weather is improving there are a few places we would like to explore and also quite a few areas that have cycle hire.

Adrian has put some photos up from the weekend, and we are in the process of adding comments now. Hope you all had a nice weekend too 🙂

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