On Saturday, after talking to Katharine on the phone, we drove to Brighton. It is about an hour and a half drive from our place and is on the south coast. It is famous for its long stretch of beach and the Brighton Pier. We arrived at about lunchtime so we figured we needed to fit in with the crowd and have fish and chips (I had a battered sausage). Along the beach were cafes, merry-go-rounds and places where you could hire beach chairs.

Now let me just point out that the beach consisted of pebbles – that’s right, no sand beneath your toes, pebbles!

After we sat on the beach for a bit to take some photos, we needed to warm up a bit so we went for a walk. It actually turned out to be quite a nice day, except the wind had a real chill to it. We walked all along the pier, which is like a mini amusement park. It has rides, eating places, bars, sideshow alley type stuff, even dodgem cars. It worked on a token system which surprisingly wasn’t that expensive, but we still opted to save our money.

On the way back along the pier we bought an ice cream and ate it watching some trampoliners. Our day was complete – beach, fish and chips and an ice cream.

Last weekend we went to Alice’s baptism at church, and were also invited to the afternoon tea Sally and Andy put on. It was in the Eton grounds (Andy works at the college) outside the cricket pavilion. The waiters and waitresses kept topping up our glasses and bringing us more food. I had met Elizabeth (Heather and Andy’s new baby) for the first time in the morning, so I got to have lots of cuddles in the afternoon. It was a lovely day and was great to catch up with people from church.

This weekend is another long weekend. Friday night we are going to the Chelsea flower show, and then the rest of the weekend we are going to explore more of England. We will wait and see what the weather is doing before we decide exactly where to go.

I am going to now have a fiddle with the Brighton photos and upload some – they should be on there very soon. Lots of love to you all xoxo

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