Our weekend in Austria – Part 1, Vienna

On Friday night after school, Adrian and I got a taxi to the airport to catch the 6.45pm flight to Vienna. On the way we realised we had forgotten a few things, including our pyjamas, but it was too late to go back …. oh well. As we were only going for a long weekend we packed everything into a small suitcase and took it as carry on luggage, which saved a lot of time. Our hotel organised a transfer from the airport, so we were at our hotel and checked in by about 10.30pm.

Our hotel was lovely and within walking distance of a lot of the main attractions. Saturday morning we got up fairly early, had breakfast, and went exploring. We walked and walked and walked some more, looking at all the gorgeous buildings and cathedrals along the way. We stopped for a hot chocolate at a cafe near the Danube, to give our feet a rest. We then walked back to the museums we had seen and decided to check out the Leopold Museum, which had some lovely artwork and sculptures. We walked back to one of the tram stations and had a pizza for lunch, before catching the tram to the Spanish Riding School, where they have the Viennese white horses. Luckily we got there early as the tours booked quickly. We went on the 2pm tour, which lasted about an hour. We learnt so much about the horses and the riders – I’m really glad we decided to do it. The famous shows they have were on the Sunday so we couldn’t go. To be honest, I don’t think we would’ve anyway, as they were very expensive. You can pay (still a lot) to go to their practice the day before, which we are glad we didn’t know about as there were 1000 people there on the Saturday morning (it comfortably seats 600)!

After that we set out to find a supermarket to buy some snacks for our day trip on Sunday. This turned out to be quite difficult in the middle of the city, but we eventually found a very upmarket place, kind of like M&S. We then went back to the hotel for a rest before dinner. We caught a tram back into the area near the Opera House, and wandered around. We weren’t really fussed where we ate, as long as it had Wiener Schnitzel. We found a lovely little place, tucked away in a sidestreet. We both had veal Wiener Schnitzel and it was fantastic, not to mention huge!! The restaurant had live music – piano and violin, and the atmosphere was lovely. We had a nice night out and got back to the hotel fairly early (10ish).

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