New Photos

I have just finished uploading all my photos onto the blog. There are 103, so make sure you have some free time before you look. There are obviously lots of photos of Sarina, but there’s also photos of my family, my day with Katharine at the coast, with Eenie at Southbank, with Kailey and Wylie (nextdoor) at the Science Centre, and Fran at the Jason Mraz concert.

I haven’t put any captions as I think they are all self explanatory. I hope you like them as much as I do. For those of you over here in England, I have them in an album, so I can show you in person if you would like.

I’ve nearly made it through my first week back, including Yr 7 parents evening last night, so all in all I think I’ve done well. It’s nice to be back, but I miss everyone lots, especially Sarina. Love to you all xoxo

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