They say home is where the heart is, but that’s not helping me at the moment. I love Adrian more than anything, but I of course love my family, and I love Sarina so much already too. The problem is that Adrian is here with me, but Sarina, Fran and my family are back in Oz.

Saying goodbye to Fran and Sarina on Saturday afternoon was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I had a nice cuddle with Sarina and then put her in her cot and said goodbye. Then a little while later it was time to say goodbye to Fran and her parents. Lets just say there were lots of tears and wet shoulders 😛

I had a pretty good flight home and managed to sleep a fair bit on both of the flights. I was also surprised at how quickly I was able to pass the 9 hours in Dubai airport – wandering, sitting, eating breakfast, wandering, watching a movie on my iPhone, wandering, snoozing, wandering, eating lunch, wandering (I think you get the idea).

I had mixed feelings landing in London. It was so nice to see Adrian again, but I also know that the next time I see Sarina will be when she’s 1 and a half. But I know it’s right for Adrian and I to still be here, and I feel much better today after a good night’s sleep and a day at work. I’m still quite tired and a bit achy today, but I should be fine in another couple of days. Fran and I are hoping that now that she has her laptop set up, we will be able to skype more often, particularly as Sarina starts growing and reaching new milestones.

Thanks again to everyone in Brisbane for making my stay so memorable – you are all constantly in my thoughts and I love you lots xoxo

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