My last few days

Wednesday afternoon Mum and I went up to see Molly for afternoon tea, which she absolutely loved. It was so nice to spend some time with her, and hear some more stories about when she was younger. Then when we got home Mum dropped me off at Fran’s to have dinner with her and the family. We had a great night laughing and joking, and mucking around on the guitar hero.

Thursday was my day with Fran, so I basically got up, got ready and went straight to her place. We spent the morning talking and then after lunch I went with her and her Dad to the bank and the baby shop to exchange the faulty monitor. I went home for dinner and then Mum and I went to Carindale for some shopping! We put my photos in to be printed first, and then went all around the shops. We did very well – bought everything I wanted to. The only thing we couldn’t get was a nice pair of satin boxer shorts for Adrian, so Mum rang all the different Myers and Brookside was the only one that had his size.

So this morning we went for a drive all the way over to Brookside to collect the boxer shorts. It took a while to get there, but it was nice to spend some time with Mum, catching up on all sorts of things. Fran needed us to fill in some paperwork for her, so we did that on the way home. Mum then kept me company while I put the photos into my album, and then we went to the Coffee Club for lunch. Mum shouted and we went there so I could have their awesome eggs benedict 🙂 We did a few things at home and then picked Fran’s Mum up to take her to a little shop at Stones Corner called Babes to Brides. They have gorgeous christening gowns there, and she wanted me to pick one for Sarina. Even though we won’t be there, it’s traditionally the Godparents who buy the gown. I picked a beautiful gown, shoes and a hat on behalf of Adrian and I and then showed Fran back at her place. She absolutely loved it, so we were all happy.

This afternoon I spent a bit of time nextdoor and then had chicken and chips with Mum and Dad for dinner, before doing the dreaded job of packing. Dad helped me pack coz he’s the worlds best packer, so everything fits really well. I fly out tomorrow (Saturday) night at 8.30pm Australian time and since tomorrow will just be a ‘goodbye’ day with different people, I won’t post another blog until I get home.

Thank you to everyone for making my trip home so enjoyable. Brisbane (Thomas St) will always be my home, but Adrian and I need to continue our adventures together for a while we are still young. I love you all lots and lots. To our Australian readers, I’ll miss you all heaps, and to our English readers, see you soon xoxo

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