Keeping Busy

I did end up spending a bit of time with Fran on Sunday afternoon, before I went to church in the evening with Mum and Dad. On Monday morning I met Emma (friend from school) and Sally (her sister, who was good friends with my sister at school) for breakfast at Carindale. It was lovely to catch up with them both, and we just talked and talked. They dropped me back home and then Mum took me to Fran’s place.

I had lunch there, and then had nice cuddle time with Sarina. Fran’s Mum had her upstairs and when she went to put her in the cot she woke up again. Fran said that since she just wanted to be with someone, she should have some Aunty Janet time. She fell asleep on me, and stayed that way downstairs for a couple of hours, even going half an hour past her normal feed time. I got some really lovely photos and it was really special to have that time with her. I went home for dinner and we had lasagne with Uncle Gazza to say thanks for fixing our hot water system for the time being.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a big day – I achieve lots 🙂 First we took Katharine and Steve to the airport to see them off back to Cairns. The plane they were getting oni had come from Melbourne and I saw a girl I went to school with, so was able to catch up with her quickly, which was nice too. When we got home, Mum drove me and the kids from nextdoor (Kailey and Wylie) into Souhtbank where the Museum is. I took the kids into the Science centre, and then we walked across the bridge into the Myer centre. We had lunch and found the Asian photobooth that Kailey wanted to take me too. The queue was really long, but I said I was happy to wait. We did, but after 5 minutes, the line hadn’t moved, so we gave it a miss. We walked back across the bridge and spent a bit of time in the museum, bought Wylie a souvenir and then Mum came and picked us up. I had a great time with the kids, laughing and taking silly photos.

Mum then took me to Fran’s for a couple of hours in the afternoon where I got more cuddle time. Sarina fell asleep on me in the same position as the other day, but wouldn’t go into her cot – Aunty Janet didn’t mind in the slightest 🙂 I then came home and Kailey did my hair ready for the concert. Sam (Fran’s Dad) took us (me, Fran, her sister Jo, and her sister’s friend) into the convention centre where we saw Jason Mraz live. It was AWESOME! I had never been to a concert like that before, and I was very impressed. Even the support act, Eric Hutchinson was good. The 4 of us had a great night, and it’s something special that Fran and I will always remember.

This morning Mum and I went to get our hair cut at Rhi’s (you’ll see it in the photos when I post them) and now I am just killing time before lunch. After lunch we are going up to Scarborough to see Molly (Adrian’s Nan) and then I’m going to Fran’s place for dinner.

Although I’ve been busy, most of it has just been catching up with people, so doing a lot of relaxing. Adrian and I have managed to sort out a few issues with banks, cars etc and we just have one more to deal with when I get back. But in the meantime I still have plenty of quality time to spend with my family and friends.

Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend, and not working too hard again. Lots of love to you all xoxo

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