Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I haven’t done much since my last post. Friday night Paul and Michelle came for dinner which was nice, and then Saturday morning I met Erin (friend from school) for morning tea. It was so good to see her, as we haven’t caught up properly in years. I met her fiance when he came to pick us up, and he seems really nice – I’m very happy for her.

I had lunch with Mum and Dad and then spent the afternoon nextdoor with Sharon and the kids. I have to make sure and take some photos when I see them during the week, to update our collection. I have a nice one of me with the kids from our wedding, but before that it was when I was still at school 😛 Last night we went to Aunty Mary-Jean and Uncle Brian’s place (my Godparents) for dinner. It was good to catch up with them, and hear all about their travels too.

This morning I went to Fran’s house, which was great – I hadn’t been since Wednesday and had missed seeing her and Sarina. I joined in with their family Easter time in the morning, and got spoilt by Fran’s Mum. I got a box of Favourites to share with my family, I got 2 creme eggs, a packet of jelly beans and a packet of starburst chews for the plane, AND a $20 iTunes voucher. It felt more like Christmas than Easter, so thanks very much to the Grasso family. They’ve all gone to have lunch with the extended family, and depending how they are feeling, I may go back over this afternoon before heading to church with Mum and Dad.

I have a few things planned for the week, but mostly just spending time with Fran and Sarina, taking lots of photos. Hope you’re all having a safe and happy Easter weekend. God bless you all xoxo

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