What a Cute Little Monkey!

What a cute little monkey!I got the chance to skype with Fran and Sarina this morning – it was really wonderful to see them and the proud Grandparents. Sarina is very cute and I can’t wait to get over there in September and meet her properly. The title however is not referring to Sarina, but the actual monkeys I spent Friday with in Zurich.

I was in Zurich for the week meeting with clients and while it was very busy, the folks I met were all great to talk to and we got a lot of good stuff done. Like most business travel, it was pretty much constant work and late nights trying to stay on top of everything but overall it was good. Due to the way the insane cost of flights home Thursday night and the fact that I’d forgotten it was Easter, I would up flying back Friday night which gave me a free day in Zurich (it turned out to be hard to line up meetings with people on Good Friday). So Friday morning I caught the tram out to the Zurich Zoo and had loads of fun wandering around and taking tons of photos. They’re up on the site for those who want to flick through 138 photos of zoo animals. The weather was fine the whole time and surprisingly warm, I was hot in just jeans and a light shirt on Friday.

It’s good to be back and home again – European hotels always have overly hard beds, overly soft pillows and just a bottom sheet and a duna. Someone really needs to tell them that it’s not always really hot or cold – sometimes just a plain sheet would be good. Oh well, the hotel was very nice otherwise. This weekend is looking like it will be mostly catching up on washing and other boring stuff, then back to work on Tuesday.

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