More news from Oz

On Tuesday night Steve came for dinner, so we had a lovely meal together, took some family photos and then played cards. It was nice to see Steve, even if only for a few hours.

On Wednesday Katharine and I got up and drove to the gold coast. We called in at Southport to pick up Katharine’s cardigan that she left when she was with Verity and Simon, and then kept going to Greenmount. We bought a hedgehog slice and walked along the boardwalk to Rainbow Bay. Then we walked along the sand, dipping our feet in the water, around to Snapper Rocks and back. The sun was getting quite hot, so we went to the shopping centre at Tweed Heads to see what we could see at the shops. We were going to have something to eat from the food court, but decided we weren’t actually that hungry. Instead, we started driving home and stopped off for a famous Yatala Pie.

Katharine dropped me off at Fran’s place on the way home and I spent the afternoon with her and bubby Sarina. Then I came home and got ready to go out to dinner with Mum and Katharine. Mum still goes to dinner once a month with the ladies she used to work with years and years ago, and they had said it would be nice for the ‘kids’ to come too. It turned out to just be Katharine and I that went, but we still had a nice evening.

Thursday I had a bit of a sniffy nose, so I didn’t go to Fran’s place, just in case I was getting sick. Eenie came and picked me up and we went for a nice lunch at Amici’s at Southbank. It was really nice to spend some time with Eenie, and the food was great too. We went for a walk along the ‘beach’, took some photos and then headed home. I then spent a couple of hours catching up with Sharon nextdoor before coming home for dinner. After dinner we were going to go for a walk but when we got to the top of the driveway it was spitting lightly. Dad went and got some umbrellas but I didn’t want to go in case the rain got heavier as then I would definitely get sick. Instead, we stayed in and they taught me how to play 500. We played that for a few hours and then went to bed.

This morning I have woken up with a cold – not a bad one, but enough that I can’t go to Fran’s place again, which is really annoying. Hopefully with some panadol and a quiet day, it will be mostly gone by tomorrow. We all went to church this morning (where the Richardsons go) and have invited Eenie and Uncle Garry over for lunch. Uncle Garry is also going to try and help Dad fix the hot water system, which decided to stop working last night.

Paul and Michelle are coming for dinner tonight, and I’m catching up with some friends tomorrow. I tried to upload the photos the other night, but Dad’s internet can’t hack it. I emailed them to Adrian so he could at least see Sarina, but the emailed photos are too small to upload. I think we will just wait till I get back, then we can sort through them, and put them all up at once. I’ll also get some printed before I leave here so that I can show everyone at work, church etc the photos

Happy Easter to you all – hope you have a safe and pleasant long weekend

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