Back in Oz

I landed safely on Sunday morning, after having quite a good flight. I slept most of the time on both legs, and everyone was surprised at how good I looked, and I never really got that tired during the day.

I arrived at the airport to my welcoming party of Mum, Dad, Katharine and Eenie with signs and a balloon. It was so nice to see them, and I then spent some time with them back at home (Mum’s place). I sort of unpacked, got myself sorted, and then had a shower.

Eenie went home and us girls went nextdoor for a quick visit. That didn’t last long as Sharon wasn’t home, so then Mum took me to Fran’s. Mum could see I was desperate to go, but trying to do the right thing and spend time with my own family first.

When we got to Fran’s place, she screamed as soon as she saw me, and then burst into tears and gave me a HUGE hug!! I was so relieved to finally see her. I gave her some other presents Adrian and I had for her, and then she took me up to meet Sarina. She was asleep, but Fran let me take her out of the cot for a cuddle. We went downstairs and I cuddled her until she needed to be fed, which was a fair while later. I just couldn’t believe (and still can’t) that she’s Fran’s baby! She is such a good baby, and is always poking her tongue out – she’s so adorable.

I had lunch with them and then went back to Mum’s place. At about 5pm Mum, Dad and Eenie came for a drive to take me to Burbank to see Adrian’s family. For some reason, Cathy (and Jacinta a bit) were convinced I was pregnant, but waiting till Paul and Michelle arrived to tell everyone. It took a bit of convincing, but I managed to assure them that I wasn’t pregnant. They just kept telling me how good I looked – maybe because they hadn’t seen me for a year, and also coz I had just gotten off the plane but didn’t look any different. I had a lovely night with them all, and Paul and Michelle brought me home at about 9.30. I sorted through some mail Mum had for me, and went to bed at about 10pm. I slept like a log until 6am, and then dozed for a couple of hours.

I then spent most of Monday with Katharine. We got up, pottered around, and then headed to Koorong (Christian shop) to buy some music, books etc. We then went to the dentist, then had lunch and went over to Carindale to get a few things. I didn’t get any of the things I wanted to, but it was good to have a bit of a look. From Carindale, we went and picked Mum up from work (coz we had the car) and then called in to see Fran, so that Katharine could meet Sarina and giver her a present. I then stayed for dinner, and we took some photos with the baby for her 2 week Birthday – just another excuse to get the camera out really. I followed Fran around for a while so I could get a photo of Sarina poking her tongue out, but there are lots of other cute faces she pulls – you just can’t always have the camera ready. I don’t have any of me holding her yet, but there’s plenty of time for that!!

The Grasso’s dropped me home at about 8.30 and then I stayed up talking to Mum, Dad and Katharine till about 11!! It’s so nice to be home …..

Today I walked to Fran’s house, and spent the day there, and then came home to put dinner on this afternoon. Steve will be here for dinner, so it will be nice to see him, and then tomorrow Katharine and I are going to the coast for the day.

I think that’s my news. I am going to have a go at uploading the photos now, so hopefully they’ll be there by the time you read this blog. It’s great to be home – kinda feels like I never left, but then it sometimes feels like I’ve been gone for ages …. hard to describe. I’m just really happy 🙂

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