With Janet off in Australia I’ve spent the weekend in Oxford attending a conference. I drove out for dinner Saturday night and wound up having predinner drinks at the Turf pub where Bob Hawke set the world record for sculling a yard glass (11 seconds) and Bill Clinton “didn’t inhale”. It was a great night and I got to meet a bunch of people I’d been talking to online for ages but not actually met in person.

Then this morning I caught the train back out to Oxford for the conference itself. It’s run in an “unconference” format so it was basically all unplanned and people just spoke about what interested them and moved between rooms to find a topic they wanted to hear about. Lots more discussion than a regular conference too which was great. I ran a session towards the end of the day on work related stuff and had a good group of people discussing it. I was surprised at how much interest it got actually. The stuff Ephox does is generally pretty off-beat and uncommon.

After lunch we got a short guided walk around a few bits of Oxford and climbed up the St Mary’s church tower for some great views over Oxford. Thankfully the weather was good today.

So now I’m on the train just about to pull out of Oxford. I managed to get here in 40 minutes this morning but it looks like it will take 2 hours to get home which is a bit annoying. I still need to pack for the trip to Switzerland tonight. Oh well I’ll survive. My cold has almost completely disappeared now with just the odd sniffle and I feel fine.

The work travel agent very nearly left me stranded with the trip – apparently they hadn’t gotten around to actually ticketing my flights. I went to check in online and it wouldn’t let me. Thank goodness you can checkin 24 hours ahead these days. It would have been somewhat embarressing to turn up at the airport and not have a ticket booked. My hotel is booked through them too so there may yet be surprises in store.

Anyway I’ll try to post some photos when I get a chance. If I’m lucky I might be able to process them on the plane tomorrow. Diasappointing to not have photos of Sarina up yet Janet! You’ve got to earn those flights you know.

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