Spring is blooming

On the weekend, Adrian and I saw the first flowers of Spring – it’s going to be a gorgeous season.  That’s one of the things we love about living over here, you get all 4 seasons.

So on Friday night we met Hilary and Andy at their place and then went to the cinema to see Marley & Me.  During the week I had mentioned this to my Yr 12 group and we soon realised that we were going at the same time as one of the boys, only he was seeing a different movie.  He was going with his girlfriend (who I teach), his mate and her girlfriend (who I also teach) so they asked me to come and say hello.  I was quite surprised as I didn’t think they would want to associate with me outside of school, but they were quite impressed when I saw them and they insisted I bring Adrian over to meet them too.  Anyway the movie was really good, and much to my surprise I cried and Hilary didn’t!!

Then on Saturday I rang Fran and then Mum, and had a good chat for a few hours.  After lunch we went on another of the walks from our book, this time around Marlow.  We got back late afternoon and settled in for the night with dinner and downloaded TV.

On Sunday Adrian did some more washing while I did some marking, before we went to Wanda and Alan’s (friends from church) place for lunch.  We had a lovely roast chicken and then went for a quick walk.  They live on the other side (the posh side they reckon) of Maidenhead and after only 5 minutes walk we were in the countryside.  This is another thing we love about it over here – there are so many places where you can walk or drive for 5 minutes and feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.  We had a lovely afternoon with them.  We had dinner back at our place and then went to church.

The weather has been very kind over the last few days.  Saturday was mostly sunny, although it got cloudy and quite cool at the end of our walk.  Sunday was beautiful blue skies and warm weather (well, not cold) ALL day.  Plus when we drove to church just after 6pm it wasn’t dark yet!!  Today was mostly sunny all day as well, and temperatures got to around 17 degrees, which is quite warm in comparison to the snow a few weeks ago.

I am starting to get very excited about coming home for the holidays, but trying not to think about it too much so that the next few weeks don’t go really slowly.  So far it’s worked, coz last week seemed to disappear really quickly.  At the end of this week it will only be 2 weeks to go – 2 weeks till my best friend is a mother, and I’m a godmother!!  Lots of love to you all xoxo

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