Cadbury World

Yesterday was Activities Day at school, so all the different year groups had a choice of activities, and some stayed at school.  The Business department took 50 year 10s (with 5 staff) to Cadbury World in Birmingham.

It took 2 hours to get there, but I had a great chat to Farrah, who is one of our LSAs (Learning Support Assistant).  There are quite a few things to do once you get there, but we started with an educational talk.  To be honest it wasn’t very good, so we were a bit annoyed.  Then we quickly had lunch so that we could go to ‘Essence’.  This is where you find out about the story behind the making of Dairy Milk Chocolate (a glass and a half).  Once you’ve been through the different rooms there is an area where they have pipes with chocolate coming out.  They give you little cups with chocolate and you can put all sorts of things in it – I put fruit gems in mine 🙂

Then we went back to the main part to go on the tour, which we managed to get done in about an hour.  There were lots of interesting things to look at, including watching the machines wrapping and packing the chocolates.  There’s also an interactive area, in which Farrah and I acted like big kids.  There was one part where you walked around and it put your shadow up on the screen, but like it was chocolate.  Then it would make you fat or thing, or ‘wobbly’ – seems stupid, but it was really fun.  There was another bit where you could stop on the chocolate (images on the floor) and they would splatter ……

When you finish the tour you end up in their shop (of course, like any tourist attraction).  They did have some cool stuff in there, so I bought Adrian a big loveheart with white writing that said ‘be mine’.  The kids didn’t think that was the best thing to buy coz in their words ‘he’s already yours’ but that was the nicest thing.  I also bought Toby (friend from school/work) a cute chocolate frog with little white specs on its back.  I didn’t have to buy myself anything as we got 4 bars free – curly wurly, plain, caramel and a pack of chocolate buttons.

I sat with Farrah again on the way back, and we had a good laugh.  The kids were well behaved, and we got back at 5pm as planned.  I had a great day – haven’t laughed that much in ages! 🙂

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