Pancake Party

Last night Adrian and I went to a pancake party at Sam’s place, with lots of friends from church.  They put all sorts of fillings, both sweet and savoury, on the table, then made the pancakes and everyone just helped themselves.  Apparently the traditional topping over here is lemon and sugar, so that’s what Adrian and I both had on our first one.  I must say it was quite nice.  Then for my second pancake I had nutella with maltesers that I crushed over the top – that was nice!  I think Adrian had nutella and banana on his.

We had a great time laughing and joking with the others.  There was a debate going at one point as to whether you would prefer to be a borrower or a giant.  We were less confused when we found out that a borrower is a book/tv series/movie of little people who ‘borrow’ things to make their own little world within people’s houses.  We had many interesting discussions about how they would make their clothes, but that it would be worse for giants, so apparently they always end up naked – not an image I wanted to think about.

Although it was a ‘school night’, it was nice to go and catch up with everyone – just a casual evening where we could all relax and unwind.  Thanks Sam for letting us use your place, and thanks Jo for organising and cooking all the pancakes (and Laura too).

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