Well it has been a rather interesting week.  As you all know my school (along with hundreds of others) was closed on Monday.  I then found out in the afternoon that it was going to be closed on Tuesday as well.  It was open on Wednesday, so I drove very carefully to work.  The only lesson I had was a double with my Yr 12 Applied group, of which there are 4 students.  Only 2 of them were there, so I had to abandon the teaching and let them work on their coursework.  I then had 3 frees, but found it difficult to get any work done.

It snowed again on Wednesday night, and the same thing happened where I was trying to decide whether or not to go to school.  Our school wasn’t closed, and the roads looked ok, so again I drove nice and slowly to work.  When I got there, the whole school was covered in snow – it was quite a strange experience.  Very few students and staff where there, so we started the day sending all the students into the canteen.  One of the maths teachers and I stood out the front directing students as they arrived, and we then went to different areas, depending on what year group we tutored.  We stayed with them until 10 at which point we all went to lesson 2.  I was supposed to have a group of 18 yr 10s, but I ended up with 3, and another 2 arriving right at the end of the lesson.  They extended break to 30 minutes and told the students they were allowed on the fields for a snow fight, so Lisa and I watched from inside our building – was quite good entertainment 😛  We then had the rest of the day as normal, although it wasn’t normal coz half the students weren’t there.  I had 1 of my yr 12s show up, then 12 of 24 yr 11s.  Needless to say I didn’t get any teaching done, just a bit of revision and some games.

Then in the afternoon we heard the news that the Wokingham authority had advised all schools to close on Friday, so we ended up with a 2 day week!  We’ve basically lost a whole week of teaching, which is a bit annoying, but will just have to do the best we can to catch up.  Next week is the last week of this first half-term, and then we have a week off.

I managed to get a few hours of work done yesterday, which means I now don’t have anything much to do on the weekend.  Not sure if we are going to do anything though, coz it’s freezing outside.  I think we’ll have a lazy day today, and brave the cold for a walk or something tomorrow.

I hope you are all well – looking forward to seeing some of you in 8 weeks!  Take care 🙂

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  1. Dear Janet & Adrian
    I know it is incredibly cold and inconvenient, but what an experience! This is one of the reasons that you went to the UK – for all those experiences that you would never get here in Brisbane! Enjoy every minute of the freezing conditions, cos you won’t get to experience them very often!Talk about extreme conditions! The front page of the Sunday mail shows the devastation in Victoria where huge fireballs ripped through houses – several people missing and 14 dead so far! It was described as “a huge wall of fire rips through town”. Then you go to the north of Qld and residents are expecting more floods for the second time in the past week…. rain, rain and more rain. Adelaide and Melbourne (also Leeton) are experiencing the longest hot spell with temperatures of 44, 45 etc for 11 days in a row now.
    The extremes of nature……
    So, as I said enjoy your snow and cold….
    love you and miss you heaps.

  2. dare I say it – COOL PHOTOS! Love the one of the car from above especially. showed it to others a couple of times before realising there was another car parked to the left of it. Got to Galiwin’ku safely with a great flight over the wetlands and Arafura Sea this morning. Some big showers since but, once again, we managed to load and unload without getting wet. Have hired a car here as it is a large island so will do some laps later when it cools a bit. Not too bad about 30 degrees C at present though the humidity is very high.
    Ingham is still flooded – got a second peak as high as the first so Taylors Beach won’t be going to work before Wed or Thur I reckon. Beats a couple of snow days!!

    Good to hear from you and your stories. We need to make another blog entry. Will load the photos from today’s flight & see what there is to say.
    Love Paul

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