Our experience is complete

Our experience here is complete – we are both at home due to the snow (most snow in this area for 18 years).  Adrian is working from home as the trains are not running properly, and my school is closed for the day.

There was a bit of mayhem deciding whether or not school was closed, but in the end Adrian told me to stay home coz he didn’t want me driving in this weather – then I found out the school was officially closed.  It has been snowing constantly since last night, so there is a beautiful white covering on everything.  I’m going to make a snowman at some point – hopefully there will be enough snow in the backyard.

Adrian also took photos this morning while he was sorting out the car, so no doubt they will get put up at some point (he is working, while I am enjoying talking to everyone on the internet).  I am going to use my time this afternoon to get a few hours done on this promotion unit for next half-term.  I need to find some good examples of ads, promotional material etc.

I feel like a big kid at the moment – I’ve rung so many people to tell them it’s snowing!!  Hope you all have a good week, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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